Familiar Technologies: WBM: bentonitic spud mud
KCl polymer mud
OBM: invert emulsion oil based mud

Regions of the world you have worked: algerie

Resume: Objective
Seeking to get a career oriented job in a professional environment that offers utilization of my skills and provide learning opportunities to keep pace with advanced technologies
Formation and diploma
July 2006 | diploma of engineer in electronic control process
SAAD DAHLEB university, Blida Algeria
March 2008 | AVA mud school
AVA ALGERIA Hassi Messaoud Algeria
April 2012 | IWCF certificate (will expire on jan 2014)
NAFTOGAZ Hassi Messaoud Algeria
March 2008 – till the date | mud engineer
AVA ALGERIA(a newparck company) | Hassi Messaoud, ALGERIA
I am working with one of the one eminent organization of Algeria & World as well i.e. AVA Algeria (a new park company) as a MUD ENGINEER from 28th march 2008 till the date.
As Mud engineer, working on rig site,
• -Prepare, perform analysis and control the drilling fluids in the wells assigned, recommendation for tour treatment, following instructions of the Mud and drilling plan and company and drilling consultant engineer.

• -Chemical test (API) of water based mud systems (WBM) and oil base mud (OBM ), as weight, viscosity, solids control, pH, alkalinity, hardness, water chemical test and performance engineering calculations in rheology and hydraulics systems, solids, circulation.
 OBM performance:
Treat oil with an organo-clay, primary emulsifier, secondary emulsifier, an emulsion stabilser as lime then after good sheering add the adequate quantity a salt saturated brine to get an invert emulsion oil based mad; add the adequate quantity of heaving agent as barite or carbonate calcium to get the required density
 Mud weight:
According to hole stability, the mud weight must be maintained in the range with barite additions and centrifuging as necessary. The mud weight is important in order to decrease the chances of whole mud losses, squeezing into the formation and counteract the influx of formation fluids.
 Rheology parameters :
The Yield Point should be maintained in the range according the drilled section. However, if possible the viscosity of the mud should be maintained within the specified range and the use of viscous pills should be avoided unless it is believed that the hole is not being cleaned properly (i.e. not enough cuttings coming over the shakers, over pull at connections, excessive drag and torque).
 HP/HT filtrate & electric stability:
The filtrate loss is primarily controlled by the emulsion in an oil based system and the quantity of emulsifiers plays an important role in the rate of filtrate. This control is enhanced by a filtrate control agent , a Lignite Based Fluid Loss Additive that is added to this system to decrease the rate of filtrate. The mud-cake quality is controlled by this fluid loss additive and by the concentrations of solids in the mud. The filter-cake of the HP/HT should always be pliable and thin (<1mm).
The Electric Stability should be high as possible. Any presence of water into the HP/HT filtrate is the indication of a bad emulsion stability of the system. The treatment should be carried out immediately enough emulsifiers

• -Calculation of the volume of mud pits, displacement of casing, liner, drill pipe, open hole capacity, total mud volume, annular volume, cementing job etc.
• -Supervision of all mud treatment ensuring the correct use and maintenance of solids control equipment.
• Forecasting material requirements for well site operations and liaising with Account Manager (Fluids) to ensure timely purchase, preparation and delivery of sufficient stock
• Maintain daily mud report and monthly stock report, phase reports, final well report
• Assist in the accomplishment of HSE policies on well site.
• Ensuring adequate training of trainee mud engineers.
• Supervising nightshift fluids engineer
• Having good exposer of various down hole complication such as caving, mud loss, stuck pipe, , swabbing, surging, drag, torque, kicks gas etc
Site intervention:
As AVA mud engineer representative on rig site for:
 SONATRACH exploration an development project
 national companies as ENTP and ENAFOR
 multinational companies as NABORS, SAIPEM, SINOPEC , SWCS (a shlumberger company)
Languages and computing aptitudes
• French: current
• English: medium level
• Arabic : current
• Kabyle: current
 Efficient in the MS Office suite of applications, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet use and communication sys
Personal Qualities:
• Ability to quick learns any new technology
• Ability to work in any environment
• Ability to communicate well for better output
• Driving license
• Good physical skills