Familiar Technologies: Driller, crane operator

Regions of the world you have worked:

Resume: I will work at any job you need someone, anywhere in the USA or OUTSIDE the USA.I have over 10 years in the oilfield. I also taught BOP school for 3 years (BOP Certification for Petroleum Engineers, Toolpushers, Drillers, and Derrick hands) I have experience with what is going on down hole. I have worked on workover and drilling rigs as a driller. I have worked with Directional Drillers. I was a mud hand on a drilling rig for a year. I am very knowledgeable with Word, Excel, Power Point, etc… Major in accounting in college.
I will work for months without a day off if needed. I am from the old school where the company comes first. I understand how important it is for a company to have employee’s that will not only do their job, but also will stay over anytime the company needs them to. That is why I put; I will work for months without a day off. There are a lot of people who can do this job, but for a company to have that employee that they can turn to, in a needed time and know they can count on them means a lot. I can learn any job very fast. The thing you have to look at is who you can count on in that time of need. I will never say no to the company when their in need. Some younger people don’t understand or care about the company, they just want to do their job and at the end go home. At times you need a hand to stay, I will never say no to the company. I would like to work 90-100+ hours a week.