Familiar Technologies: Solids control Engineer ; during this period I worked on several offshore rigs: Responsibilities; – assist SWACO Service engineers with equipment installation. Assist with the operation and maintenance of SWACO field equipment. Operate and maintain CRI (Catting Re-Injection) eguipment, ISO pumps R-valves, CCB(Clean Cut Blower), Centrifuge, Centrifuges pupms, Skip&Ship station on offshore rig and vessel. Doing daily maintenance and service all CRI equipment (HPP pump) ,Vacuum unit, Reclaim unit, cleaning pits &shale shakers replace O-guard and screw conveyer.

Regions of the world you have worked: At this moment I working on the BP WEST AZERI offshore rig and done CENTRAL AZERI,EAST AZERI,CHIRAG,DWG. Azerbaijan Caspian Sea

Resume: During this period I worked on offshore different rigs –West Azeri,East Azeri. Facilitating communication between Rig management and local and expat crews. Assisting in drilling operations when on Rig Floor,coordinating various personnel related activities during- casing, cementing operations. Supervising outside contractors during rig move . Utilizing local knowledge to aid in solving any logistical problems arising in day to day operations.