Familiar Technologies: Drilling Fluid Engineering, Safety basics of Industrial Process

Regions of the world you have worked: Sudan

1st Mar. 2008 ~
1st Mar. 2009
Alsalma for Technology Co. Ltd.
Khartoum, Altaief, House No. 779, Square No. 22.
Position: Coordinator, Petroleum Sector.
Division/Department: Marketing.
1997/1998 ~ 26th Dec. 2002 Al Neelain University,
Faculty of Science and Technology / School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology.
Degree: (Bachelor), B.Sc. Honor.
Discipline: Chemical Technology.
Grade: Third Class
Date awarded: 26 December 2002.
Graduation Project:
Plant Design of Crude Distillation Unit (C.D.U.) – excellent degree.
As a partial Fulfillment Project for the degree of B. Sc. Honor in Chemical Technology.
1994 ~ 1997
1985 ~ 1994 High Secondary School: Basheer Mohammed Saead Modern High Secondary School.
Primary & intermediate Schools: Elthoura district 13 Primary & intermediate Schools.
Additional Training
7th Jan. 2006 ~ 18thFeb. 2006 KMC Oiltools OVERSEAS (M) Co. Ltd; MALAYSIA.
Basic drilling Fluid Engineering Certificate.

28th May. 2002 ~ 13th Jun. 2002 Atbara Cement Co. Ltd. C.R.2759
Training certificate including:
• Operations of the Cement factory.
• Quality control and stone crashing.
26th Sep. 2001 ~ 1st Oct. 2001 Al-Obaid Oil Refinery Co. Ltd.
Training certificate including:
• Safety basics of Industrial Process.
• Various operations of the Refinery.
• Chemical Lab. Operation tasks for Oil production and its products.
• Basics of Oil production and refining operations.
Professional Experience

1st Mar. 2008 ~ 1st Mar. 2009

10th Jul. 2005 ~ 29th Feb.2008

Alsalma for Technology Co. Ltd.
Khartoum, Altaief, House No. 779, Square No. 22.
Position: Coordinator, Petroleum Sector.
Division/Department: Marketing.
• Coordinate the initial contact with prospective clients in Petroleum sector in Sudan.
• Hold some telephones of CEOs, presidents, and owners of companies; and by strong oral communication skills and seeks to schedule an appointment with one of outside Sales Representatives of the Company and share with them the benefits of the services provided by scheduling a brief presentation.
• Coordinate Vendor Data Sheet registration procedures with operator companies in Sudan, identify and develop relationships- to award sole-agency agreements- with overseas vendors & suppliers whom are filling petroleum sector demands, and maintain compliance with the vendor contract monitoring procedures.
• Manage residency and departure of overseas material supplier /service companies’ representatives in Sudan, such as hospitality, communications, accommodation, transportation, visa registration, schedule presentations, meeting and sight visits, tourism tours coordinating with airlines Co., hotels, operator or joint-venture or third-party companies or required government ministry.
• Customer service or telemarketing related experience, and identify our target market and what motivates them to buy.
• All product/ service marketing materials are targeted to the right consumers in Petroleum sector in Sudan, with the right message, at the right time.
• Request Market share, product/service trial, and sales increase as a result of effectively selling the product/ service ‘POINT of DIFFERENCE’, by developing marketing materials plan and identifying key objective .
• Understand and use communication theory, developing an ability to project personality, through enunciation, by identifying audience and appropriate media demographic and psychographic data, and psychology of buying.
• Capable of working independently as well as with a team, with decision making ability, and excellent interpersonal skills to represent the company with the highest degree of professionalism.
• Strong understanding of the services provided by the company, technical business skills, and the uses marketing material production processes, are required to work with various client industries.
• Coordinate and assist with concept development layout, and manage allocation of resources and marketing material budget within specified company guidelines and procedures for design of marketing material and production, and writing of marketing material, by using basic graphic design terminology.
• Effectively manage resources (people, time and budget), maintaining inventory of marketing materials and ensures all are up to date.
• Prepare and format reports using data gathering techniques and established tracking standards, monitor project progress and develop project work plans, and incorporate diversity in all materials in accordance with company policy and procedures.
• Teach, train and coach staff on effective use of marketing materials, new material release, and where appropriate measurement.
• Measurement of the return on investment (ROI); marketing materials, product/ service modification(s) using measurement documentation procedures.
• Identify and develop contingency plans and potential product/ service exit strategy.
• Project management; reporting to Petroleum sector manager clearly articulating project scope and objectives, meeting deadlines, time management, contingency planning approval channels and procedures, budgeting, organization and vendor capabilities, and tracking/ monitoring procedures.


1. Drilling fluid Engineer:
• Carry out all Drilling Fluid Engineer duties during the drilling of both vertical and horizontal wells in development and/ or production fields.
• Mud Maintenance and Performance: Ensure that all drilling fluid systems are correctly formulated to fully meet the operator company’s fluid specifications prior to displacement into the well.
• Complete all sections of the Daily Mud report, Update all End of Well Reports / Graphs for fluid trends, volumes, inventory, discharge etc, and Update Shaker Screen Usage sheet.
• Take samples and send to office as requested for QA / QC testing of cuttings at the shale shakers to assess the adequacy of:-
o Formation inhibition (water based mud).
o Other technical analyses such as: Whole stability (mud weight) and Hole cleaning efficiency.
• Perform QA / QC checks on all received Dry Bulk and Liquid Muds / Brines in compliance with KMC Oiltools procedures and/or as specified by the operator. All dry bulk should be checked for contamination especially by cement.
• Awarded KMC Oiltools HSE Passport , regarding training programs of corporate induction, basic fire fighting, H2S, CO2 & BA safety, using P.P.E, SOC step back 5×5, HAND safety, EYE safety, LOTO procedures, RIGGING and house keeping, FORKLIFT safety, LADDER safety, FIREWARDEN, FIRST AID using, MSDS, JSA, and OFFICE safety.
• Awarded GNPOC Safety Passport, regarding HSE Orientation and awareness.
• Attend Operators/ Contractors safety meetings and advice on all matters pertaining to KMC Oiltools QHSE and products, and Use rig specific QHSE Observation system; e.g. STOP Cards and SOC Cards.
• Maintain a rig site chemical materials and container inventory sheet including; chemical name, container number, amount and location of items. Update on a regular basis for information purposes.
• Engineer, plan-ahead, coordinate, supervise, and implement the associated protocols managing all operations and activities regarding WNPOC BLOCK-5A & 5B contracts in SUDAN, including;
o Supervising of the activities of Logistic and Public relation departments in accordance with operation department.
o Manages optimized inventories at all Rig-sights by supervising scheduled Transportations of the drilling chemical’s, lab-testing chemicals, required equipment, engineers and/ or manpower crew, and mud cabins to Rig-sites and base camps at Tharjath field.
o Attending WNPOC daily Drilling Operation meetings representing KMC Oiltools.
o Daily reporting scheduled operations to KMC Oiltools- operation manager.
The successful training assignment was done for 6 weeks.

26th Oct. 2004 ~ 25th Jan.2005
Great Wall Drilling Company.

• Mud Engineer: Carried out basic Drilling Fluid Engineer duties.