Regions of the world you have worked: (Rajasthan, Assam, Bokaro, Mahesana) India.

Resume: Key Deliverables:

• Working on HPHT (high pressure high temperature) deep vertical, horizontal and deviated wells and CBM PROJECTS.
• Processing of Drilling Fluids & Brines in Water Based and Oil Based Drilling Operation and Workover Operations.

Mud Systems Worked:

• Spud Mud, Bentonite Mud, Barite treated with XC Polymers Mud, PAC and other normal chemicals specially conditioned to cope with Kopilli Shale that is very hard and brittle.
• KCl-Polymer Mud, KCl Non-Damaging Mud, CL-CLS (Lignosulphonate) Mud, KCL-PHPA-GLYCOL-POLY-AMINE Mud and Brines (KCl, CaCl2-NaCl), specially designed for combating interactive shale and clays, Invert Emulsion Mud Systems.
• Maintain & calibrate Mud Testing Equipment like field laboratory experiments like Density, Rheology, API water loss, Chemical analysis of Alkanity of Mud and Filtrates, Sand content, Retort-Liquid and Solid content analysis, MBT, KCl concentration analysis, PH, Gel strength, Chloride concentration, Total Hardness, ES, Sulfide, Whole Lime, Cementing, etc.

Problems Handled

• Operation Control of the various Solid control equipments such as; Shale Shakers, De-Sander, De-Silter, Centrifuge etc.

• Implementation and Co-ordination of Total Fluid Management, Stuck pipe, Caving hole to minimize fluid losses, Lost circulation, Sloughing Shales, Doglegs, Key Seating’s, etc.

• Responsibilities included recording & reporting of daily Drilling Fluid Properties.

• Exposure to various Drilling Activity like Totco Reading, etc

• Maintenance and tracking of Chemicals Inventory data that are used and received and stocks on hand.

• Fair Knowledge of Geological existence of Oil and Gas, etc.

• Review of daily targets and make necessary alterations (as and when necessary) to daily plans to ensure effective process control, quality & timely delivery.